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5th International Congress on Food Technology

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Poster Programme

Τελευταία τροποποίηση 06/03/2007 23:00

All posters have been divided in three groups and they are going to be displayed according to the programme below.



Friday, March 09, 2007

Room C

14:30 – 20:30            onwards Conference desk open


  1. Use of Flour Lactoacid Concentrate for Quality Improvement of Wheat and Rye Bread, Elina Sturmovica
  2. Pulsed Electric Field Applications in Oil Industry, Aytac Saygin Gumuskesen *, Fahri Yemiscioglu
  3. Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil by Solid Phase Microextraction Coupled to Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detection, Andrea Biolatto;Valeria Messina*; Ana M Sancho; Noemí de Walsöe de Reca
  4. Rapid Assessment Methods for Monitoring Oxidation during Deep-Fat Frying, Fahri YEMİŞÇİOĞLU*,  Aytaç SAYGIN GÜMÜŞKESEN, İsmail EREN, İpek AKIN
  5. Innovative preserving of drinks, Simin Hagh Nazari
  6. Triglycerides and their fatty acid composition in edible Mediterranean molluscs and crustacean, Vassilia J. Sinanoglou*, Dido Meimaroglou, Sofia Miniadis-Meimaroglou
  7. The Effects of Interesterification Reactions on Color Parameters, Oxidative Stability of Some Oil-Fats, Goktay TAS, Ayca AYLANGAN *, Aydin OZTAN
  8. Phenolic compounds of various fruits and their antioxidant activity, E. Tzanakis, Th. Kalogeropoulos, St. Tzimas, A. Chatzilazarou, E. Katsoyannos, A. Labropoulos*
  9. Extraction, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Carotenoids from Tomato Waste, Theodora-Ioanna Lafka, Panagiotis Mastorakos, Vassilia Sinanoglou, Spyros Konteles, Andriana E. Lazou and Evangelos S. Lazos*
  10. Turkish Style Aromated (Ready –To-Eat) Meat Snack Production: Consumer Acceptability and Safety Evaluation, Birol Kilic*, Gulden Basyigit Kilic, Orhan Onur Askin
  11. Application of electromagnetic energy for inhibition of food allergy, Anthimia Batrinou*, Vassilia J. Sinanoglou, Spyros Konteles, George Seiragakis, Konstantinos Sflomos
  12. Why commercial vodka is 45% aqueous solution of ethanol?, Jozef Mazurkiewicz, Hanna Maria Baranowska, Michal Wojtasik, Piotr Tomasik*
  13. The Cider Production in the World, Yalcin Gucer*, R.Ertan Anli
  14. Biological decontamination of food packaging materials at atmospheric pressure, Mona Popa*, Petru Niculiţă, Amalia Miteluţ, Mihaela Ghidurus, Mira Turtoi, Mihaela Geicu
  15. Heat-Induced Changes in Beta-Lactoglobulin Susceptibility to Thermolysin Hydrolysis, *Nicoleta Sava, Iesel Vand Der Plancken, Gabriela Rotaru, Marc Hendrickx
  16. Tuber starch extrudates: promising material for food industry, S. Kowalski, D. Gumul, G. T. Zieba, M. Lukasiewicz, B. Achramowicz*
  17. Effect of lipid fraction and mean droplet size of oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by polysaccharide/protein mixtures on the release of selected aroma compounds, Stefania Karaiskou, Adamantini Paraskevopoulou*
  18. Combined Membrane Technology for Prefiltration and Preconcentration of Blackcurrant Juice, Szilvia Bánvölgyi*, Erika Békássy-Molnár, Gyula Vatai
  19. Salt Reduction in Meat Products Such As Traditional Meatballs, Aytunga Budak*, Semra Kayaardı
  20. Effects of polyols on barley β-glucan cryogelation in ice cream model systems, Athina Lazaridou*, Hariklia Vaikousi, Costas G. Biliaderis
  21. Thermal, mechanical and water vapor barrier properties of sodium caseinate films containing antimicrobials and their inhibitory action on Listeria monocytogenes, Eleana Kristo, Konstantinos P. Koutsoumanis, Costas G. Biliaderis*
  22. The formation of furan derivatives in pine honey during storage, Tananaki Ch., Thrasyvoulou A.
  23. Changes in the profile of major volatile compounds of a white wine from Cephalonia according to storage length and packaging material, C. I. Piperidi, P. G. Demertzis and K. Akrida-Demertzi*
  24. Free radical scavenging activity of plant extracts of Greek origin, Vassiliki Papageorgiou, Stratos Komaitis, Charalampos Proestos, Michael Komaitis
  25. Some technologic proprieties of common date (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruits, Salem Benamara*, Hassina Gougam, Hayet Chibane, Amrane Djouab, Adiba Benahmed
  26. Use of Weibull model to predict the moisture and salt contents of sardine sheets during vacuum pulse osmotic dehydration, Otoniel Corzo*, Nelson Bracho
  27. The effect of drying method on bulk density, porosity and shrinkage of quince, Banu Koc, Ismail Eren, Figen Kaymak-Ertekin*
  28. Drying Kinetics of Red Chillie in a Hot Air Dryer, Basavaraj.M, G.P.Prabhukumar, *B.Satyanarayan Reddy
  29. Degradation Kinetics of Chlorophyll in Spinach, Meltem Kozan, Feryal Karadeniz*, Nuray Koca, Hande Selen Burdurlu
  30. Influence of Fat and Hydrocolloids on Batter-type Dough Rheological Behavior, Theodora-Ioanna Lafka, Evangelos S. Lazos* and Michael S. Bratakos
  31. Flowability Impact on Homogeneity of Blend Quality, Bauman, I., Ćurić, D, Boban, M.*, Janjatović D.
  32. Effect of Water Content and Temperature on the Viscosity of Herbhoneys, Lesław Juszczak*, Robert Socha, Teresa Fortuna
  33. Viscosity of Concentrated Apple Juice as a Function of the Temperature and Soluble Solids Content, Lesław Juszczak*, Mariusz Witczak, Teresa Fortuna
  34. Effect of freezing and microwave heating on gluten-free bread and bread containing gluten storage stability, Margarita Liassi, Ioanna Mandala*
  35. Application of the SAFES Methodology (Systematic Approach to Food Engineering Systems) To Asses Quality on Condensed and Powdered Milk, Cristina Barrera, Ana Heredia, Lucía Seguí*, Pedro Fito
  36. Concentration of Whole Egg Liquid with Different Membrane Processes, Ivetta Vincze*, Lajos Tovari, Gyula Vatai
  37. Crystallization of the supersaturated sucrose in the presence of glucose and fructose, Kikkas, Anna, Kirs, Evelin, Annuste Tiina, Laos Katrin*, Menert, Anne, Paalme Toomas
  38. The effects of domestic cooking methods on colour and chlorophyll changes of green peas (Pisum sativum L.), Marija Jokanović*, Slobodan Tojagić, Ljubiša Šarić, Natalija Džinić
  39. Twin-Screw Extrusion of Whey Protein Concentrate/Corn Flour Blends as Affected by Feed Moisture, Mladen Brnčić*, Branko Tripalo, Marina Miličić, Damir Ježek, Tomislav Bosiljkov
  40. Application of the SAFES Methodology (Systematic Approach to Food Engineering Systems) to Assess Quality and Control A Cured Loin Process, Pedro J. Fito*, Angel Arguelles, Maria Luisa Castello, Pedro Fito
  41. Phase Change Heat Transfer in Food Materials, Subrahmaniyam Susarla
  42. Compression, creep and stress-relaxation testing of wheat flour doughs – relation to end-product properties, Patrick Fustier, Athina Lazaridou, Costas G. Biliaderis*
  43. Applications of the supercritical anti-solvent process for the re-crystallization and micronization of food and pharmaceutical ingredients, Yan-Ping Chen
  44. Effect of Moisture Content on Oil Expression Characteristics of Jatropha Curcas L. (Ratanjot) On a Hydraulic Press, Pankaj Kumar Paswan and Ram Krishna Pandey*
  45. Concentration of biological vinegar by membrane technology, E Fogarassy, E. Bekassy-Molnar, Gy. Vatai
  46. Studies on High Velocity Hot Air Drying characteristics, Udai Singh & Ram Krishna Pandey*
  47. Study about the vegetables used as raw material for lactic acid juices obtaining, Manea Iulia Buruleanu Lavinia
  48. Modeling of Minerals in Iranian-type Cheese During Aging, *Saied Ali Yasini Ardakani, Abolfazl Kheirkhah, Mohamad Reza Ehsani
  49. An Investigation on Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Some Chickpea Varieties of Different Cooking Process, Neriman BAGDATLIOGLU Alime KOPAC
  50. Effect of the Accelerated Electron Beams on the Main Free Radical Scavengers in Sea Buckthorn Powder, R. Minea*, Monica R. Nemtanu, Ecaterina Mitru, Nora Radulescu
  51. Pigskin / starch edible films: effects of glycerol on their physical properties, P. Bergo, P.J.A. Sobral, J.M.Prison
  52. Physical properties of gelatin films plasticized with glycerol, P Bergo*, PJA Sobral1, JM Prison, A. A. Vercik
  53. A Research on Formation of Biogenic Amine in Cucumber Pickles Produced by Using Starter Culture, TURGUT Zeynep, AYHAN Kamuran*
  54. Microbial Contamination in Orange, Pomegranate and Sugar-Cane Fresh Juice, Vineeta Gupta*, R. k. Agrawal
  55. Constitute of Bioactive Peptides with Lactic Acid Bacteria, Hatice Şanlıdere Aloğlu* Zübeyde Öner Taner Sarıoğlu
  56. Human Breast Milk: A Source of Probiotics, Sine Ozmen Togay*, Ayhan Temiz
  57. Studying the Effects of Heat and Cold Shock on Microstructure and Survival of Some LAB in Yoghurt, Farideh Tabatabai,, *Samira Yeganehzad,, Ali Mortazavi
  58. The Influence of the Autochthonous LAB on the Ripening of White Brined Cheeses, Jelena Djerovski*, Zorica Radulović, Dragoslava Radin, Dragojlo Obradović, Predrag Pudja
  59. Food bacterium Listeria monocytogenes Growth Inactivation and Fatty Acids composition Changes by Weak Acids, I Kiakis, T.Baltzis, P.Xenikakis, S.Mastronicolis*
  60. Biochemical, Microbiological and Sensorial Characterization of Fermented Milks Containing Bifidobacteria, Barascu Elena
  61. Cold Adapted Listeria monocytogenes which Contaminated an Artificially Prepared Soft Cheese can Enhance Survival During Cheese Ripening, M. Sapka, N. Sourounis, E. Petrova1, V. Sotiroudis, C. Tzia, *S. Mastronicolis
  62. Inactivation of Escherichia coli in Pomegranate Juice by Sonication, Kunduhoğlu, B.*, Çoksöyler, F.N., Pilatin S.
  63. Investigation of the Microbiologicial Quality of Smoked Tench (Tinca tinca) Produced by Using Different Metods during Storage Period at 4 oC. Filiz KÖK, Oğuz KORKUT, Kadir ÇAPKIN
  64. The Physico-Chemical and Sensorial Characterization of Fermented Milk with Same Fungal Strains of Penicillium Roqueforti and Penicillium Camemberti in Submerged System, Maria Iordan*, Elena Barascu
  65. The Establishment Complex Biosynthesis Media to Obtain Cheese Flavourings Roquefort and Camembert Type, Maria Iordan*, Elena Barascu
  66. Microflora of Mould-Ripened Cheeses, Ilkin Yücel Şengün*, Şeniz Karabıyıklı, Dilek Bengü Yaman
  67. Influence of Ethereal Oils Extracted from Apiaceae Family Plants on Some Pathogen Microorganisms, Anita Klaus, Damir Beatovic, Miomir Niksic, Slavica Jelacic, Viktor Nedovic, Tanja Petrovic
  68. Yeast and the food manufacturing industry, Obed Kwabla Gakpe
  69. The Comparison of Chemical Composition between Organic and Conventional Milks, J.Zagorska*, I.Ciproviča
  70. Effects of brine concentration and temperature on color changes of sardine sheets during osmotic dehydration, Otoniel Corzo, Nelson Bracho*, Rosa Millán
  71. The Influence Of Seasonal Factors, Geographical Localization And Facility Design On Airborne Microbiota Associated With School Feeding, J. Manyatsa*, P. Venter, and J.F.R. Lues
  72. PCR-RFLP And Lab-On-A-Chip Technology As A Mean To Authenticate Roasted Coffee Beans, Stelios Spaniolas*, Maroussa Tsachaki, Malcolm Bennett, Panagiotis Kalaitzis, Gregory Tucker
  73. Development of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Markers to Authenticate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Stelios Spaniolas*, Christos Bazakos, Gregory Tucker, Panagiotis Kalaitzis,
  74. Influence of Selenium Additives on Aminoacids Content in Wheat Grains, Mara Duma*, Daina Karklina
  75. Chemical Composition And Antimicrobial Activity Of Plant Essential Oils, Marina Kravets, Tiina Lõugas*, Anne Orav, Raivo Vokk
  76. Formation Of TVB-N And Biogenic Amine - Putrescine In Vacuum And Modified Atmosphere Packed Fresh Carp (Cyprinus Carpio),  Elva Kamolina*, Lija Dukalska
  77. Safety and Handling Practices Associated with South African Street-Vended Foods, J.F.R. Lues*, M.R. Rasephei, P. Venter, M.M. Theron
  78. Pressurised Fluid Extraction and HPLC/DAD/MS Analysis of Antocyanins from Red Cabbage, Panagiotis Arapitsas,* Charlotta Turner and Per Sjöberg
  79. Fatty Acid Composition of Margarines in Vojvodina with the Emphasis on Trans Fatty Acid, Snežana Kravić*, Nikola Marjanović, Zvonimir Suturović, Jaroslava Švarc-Gajić, Mira Pucarević
  80. Odorant And Sanitary Differences Between Salmon Smoked Traditionally And Salmon Treated By Liquid Smoke, Vincent VARLET*, Carole PROST, Mireille CARDINAL, Camille KNOCKAERT, Josiane CORNET, Fabrice MONTEAU, Bruno LE BIZEC, Thierry SEROT
  81. Changes Of Oils Quality During Storage, Aldona Bluka*,, Ilze Cakste,, Mara Kuka
  82. Content of Deoxynivalenol and Ochratoxin A in Wheat, Barley and Oat Grains, Daina Rubene*, Peteris Kuka
  83. The ATP Assay, A Method for Measuring Biological Activity in Raw Milk, Adrian Caprita*, Rodica Caprita, Teodor Vintila
  84. Volatile and Biogenic Amines Changes in Salted Semipreserved Cuttlefish (Sepia Officinalis) during Processing Steps and Storage in Optimal and Abuse Temperature (Simulating Market Conditions), Ibrahima Cisse*, Osvaldo S. Da Costa, Artur-Xavier Roig-Sagues, Manuela Hernandez-Herrero
  85. Aroma of Virgin Olive Oil Headspaces from Four Tunisian Cultivars, Imen Oueslati*, Faouzia Mahjoub Haddada, Kaouther Methenni, Douja Daoud, Mokhtar Zarrouk
  86. Some Chemical Properties of Sucuks Sold in Tekirdağ, İsmail Yılmaz, Hasan Murat Velioğlu
  87. Determination of Quality Characteristics of Chicken Nuggets Produced with Various Coating Materials, Kadir Gürbüz GÜNER, İsmail YILMAZ
  88. Changes of aroma and polyphenolic composition of white wine during alcoholic fermentation, Karin Kovacevic Ganic*, Tomislav Lovric,, Drazenka Komes,, Jasminka Pecek
  89. Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity of Methanol Plant Extracts, A. Kiritsakis, Ch.Papagrigorioy, N.Botsoglou, K. Kiritsakis and Z. Polymenopoulos







Saturday, March 10, 2007

Room C

11:00 – 19:00            onwards Conference desk open


  1. Kinetic Model Development as A Prediction Tool for the Study of Non Enzymatic Browning during Heating of Apple Juice Concentarates and Honey Differing In Water Activity, Hariklia Vaikousi*, Konstantinos Koutsoumanis, Costas G. Biliaderis
  2. Evaluation of Drying Methods With Respect To Drying Parameters, Some Nutritional And Colour Characteristics Of Peppermint (Mentha X Piperita L.), Derya ARSLAN, Mehmet Musa ÖZCAN,*
  3. Effects of Different Process Temperatures on Chemical and Sensory Properties of Rosehip Nectar, Oktay Yıldız, Mehmet Alpaslan & *Meryem Kara
  4. Cereal Industry and Products in Turkey, Nazli YEYINLI*, Ergun KOSE

  5.   Eκτίμηση του Ποιοτικού Δυναμικού του Σκληρού Σίτου στις Διοικητικές Περιφέρειες της Ελλάδας, Μαρία                     Ηρακλή, Μανώλης Τσοχατζής και Μαρία Παπαγεωργίου*

6.       A new product: Cracker production from traditional tarhana dough, Nermin Bilgiçli & Meryem Kara

  1. Η  Βιομηχανία της Παραγωγής Τοματοπολτού στην Ελλάδα του 2006: Υφιστάμενη Κατάσταση-Προοπτικές, Νίκη Λαϊοπούλου

8.       Jam Manufacture of Persimmon by Osmotic Dehydration without Thermal Treatment, Igual, M.*, Castelló, M.L., Andrés, A., Ortolá, M.D

9.   The Use of Oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) Essential Oil and Hydrosol in Green Olive Fermentation, Mehmet Musa ÖZCAN* Derya ARSLAN, Ali Osman AYDAR

  1. Effect of Dehydration on Nutritive Value of Capsicum Annum. L, J P Pandey* C V Pulavarti and H Pandey
  2. Beer fermentation by immobilized yeast in PVA/alginate beads using a Catalytic Multistage Fixed Bed Tower Bioreactor, V. Manojlovic*, V. Sipsas I. Leskosek-Cukalovic, B. Bugarski, M. Kanellaki, V. Nedovic
  3. Antioxidative potential of spices in milk fat, Tetyana Dyman
  4. Phytosterols: existence in foods and cholesterol lowering effects, Orhan DAĞLIOĞLU and Tuncay GÜMÜŞ
  5. Process optimization of hard candy based on Isomalt and enrichment by fluoride and calcium, Majid Afshary*, Shadi Bolourian,
  6. Determination of tyramine in Iranian yoghurts, Behrooz Jannat, Mohammad Reza Oveisi, Naficeh Sadeghi*, Mannan Hajimahmoodi, Shadi Kokabi
  7. RP-HPLC and Electrophoresis of ß-Lactoglobulin as Indicator for Heat Load of Extended Shelf Life Milk, Helmut K. Mayer*, Kristina Nussbaumer, Bernd Raba
  8. Free Radicals and Antioxidants in Wheat Seeds, Aleksandra Mišan*, Dubravka Štajner, Marija Kraljević-Balalić, Anamarija Mandić
  9. Effect of various extraction conditions on the phenols content and free radical scavenging activity of tea, Drazenka Komes*, Damir Karlovic, Karin Kovacevic ganic, Dunja Horzic,Ivana
  10. Influence of Thermal Treatment on the Color of Soy Protein Isolate Gel            , Elena Corina Popescu
  11. Optimization of High Cellulose Muesli Composition, Ivana Sedej*, Jasna Mastilović, Marijana Sakač, Slobodan Tojagić
  12. Antioxidant activity of buckwheat flour, Marijana Sakač*, Aleksandra Mišan, Ivana Sedej, Đorđe Medić, Mladenka Pestorić
  13. Prophylactic properties of extruded snacks with the share of rye bran, Halina Gambuś*, Florian Gambuś, Anna Matusz-Mirlak, Paulina Gaura, Anna Nowotna, Rafał Ziobro, Bohdan Achremowicz
  14. Advantage of linseed meal utilisation in wheat bread baking, Halina Gambuś*, Florian Gambuś, Anna Nowotna, Rafał Ziobro, Bohdan Achremowicz
  15. Phomological and Technological Characteristics of Solar Dried Apricot Sorts, Ljubica Karakasova, Vesna Rafajlovska Aleksandar Atanasovski, Boris Ristevski1
  16. Consumer preferences and the comparison of selected properties of the olive oils available on the Polish market, M. Baczkowicz, T. Fortuna, , S. Pietrzyk, A. Bańdura
  17. Recent developments in European Community legislation regarding food safety, Kiritsaki A. Ioanna
  18. Το νομικό πλαίσιο παραγωγής και διακίνησης βιολογικών προϊόντων και συσχέτιση με τη νομοθεσία περί συμβατικής κτηνοτροφίας και το νέο πακέτο υγιεινής τροφίμων, Γ. Μεθενίτου , Ε. Μαλισσιόβα*
  19. Production of Extracellular Lipase from Aspergillus niger by Solid-State Fermentation and Submerged Fermentation, Gwen Falony, Janny Coca Armas, Julio C. Dustet Mendoza and José L. Martínez Hernández*
  20. Effect of fermentation and cooking on the antioxidant activity of Cajanus cajan, Marisela Granito*, Gilberto Hernández
  21. Effects of Ganoderma lucidum extracts on beer flavour, Saša Despotović*, Ida Leskošek-Čukalović, Anita Klaus, Viktor Nedović, Miomir Nikšić
  22. Possible Gene Transfer from GM Soya to Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, D. Argyropoulos,, T. Varzakas*, Ch. Psallida and, C. Israilides
  23. The quality evaluation of vegetables juices processed by lactic acid fermentation using the correlation analysis, Buruleanu Lavinia*, Nicolescu Carmen
  24. Ca-alginate hydrogel structural ordering - the influence on yeast cell growth dynamics, Ivana Pajić-Lijaković*, Milenko Plavšić, Branko Bugarski, Tatjana Volkof- Husović,  Mirjana Pešić, Viktor Nedović
  25. Enzymatic oxidation of olive oil: lipoxygenase isolation from olives and test during malaxing process, Faten KOTTI, Kais JAZIRI, Faten ARAB,, Ghada BEN YOUSSEF, Amany AMIRA, Yosra MATER,, Samira SIFI, Noha FARES, Mohamed GARGOURI
  26. Effect of lactic starter on electrophoretic patterns of gliadins,  Ozan Gurbuz*, Duygu Gocmen Adnan Fatih Dagdelen, A. Neslihan Inkaya, Ismail Tosun
  27. A preliminary study on production of high cell density cultivation of Lactobacillus casei and lactic acid, *Daryoush Abedi, Hassan Korbekandi, Mohammad Jalali, Mohammad Reza Fazeli, Marzieh Hidari
  28. The Role of Aeration in Pectinase Fermentation of Aspergillus sojae, Selale Oncu*, Sevcan Unluturk, Canan Tari
  29. Study of Milk-Clotting Activity from Higher Basidiomycetes, Tatyana Dmitriyeva*, Inna Feist,, Nina Denisova,, Mark Shamtsyan
  30. Microwave extraction of pectin from red currant, Sándor Beszédes, Zsuzsanna László, Cecilia Hodúr*, Gábor Szabó
  31. Preliminary Characterisation of a Crude Peroxidase from Onion Solid Wastes, Souheila Abbeddou, Dimitris P. Makris*, Panagiotis Kefalas
  32. Effects of Processing and Thermal Treatments on Dietary Fibre Fractions of Onion Waste, V. Benítez,, E. Mollá,, M. A. Martín-Cabrejas,, Y. Aguilera,, F. J. López-Andréu,, R. M. Esteban
  33. Degradation of some component of dairy waste water by ozonation, Zsuzsanna László*, István Süvöltős, Cecilia Hodúr
  34. Extraction of natural antioxidants (polyphenols, carotenes, tocopherols) from food industry wastes with cloud point extraction using food grade surfactant, E. Katsoyannos, A. Chatzilazarou, O. Gortzi, S. Lalas, Sp. Konteles
  35. Production and Preliminary Characterisation of Honey Vinegar, Dunning, N.; Ktenidou, C.; Cavaco, T and Figueira, A. C.*
  36. Investigation of Different Triticale Varieties as the Substitute for Malt in Wort Production, Olgica Grujic, Jelena Pejin and Srboljub Dencic
  37. The kinetics of lactose isomerization to lactulose in the presence of sodium Aluminate, Abdolreza Hashemi, Farzin Zokaee Ashtiani
  38. Effect of Pan-Frying In Extra-Virgin Olive Oil on Odour Profile, Volatile Compound and Vitamins, Valeria Messina*,Andrea Biolatto;Adriana Descalzo;Ana Sancho;Luciana Rossetti; Rosa Baby; Marcelo Cabezas;Noemí E.Walsöe de Reca
  39. Effect of organic acidulates and its salts in hard candy processing by continuous vacuum cooker, Bellal Hossain
  40. Oxidation of potato starch using hydrogen peroxide under microwave irradiation, Sz. Bednarz*, M. Lukasiewicz, B. Achremowicz, M. Grzesik, D. Bogdal
  41. Changes in colour characteristics of irradiated foods, Vassilia J. Sinanoglou*, Anthimia Batrinou, Stamatis Tzimas, Niki Panopoulou, Konstantinos Sflomos
  42. Yoghourt with the date powder, Amellal Hayet*, Benamara Salem
  43. Preservation the Color of Frozen Cherry (Rodendino) Tomatoes by Coating Process, Taner Baysal*, Seda Ersus, Aslıhan Demirdöven, Necati Öztürk, Velittin Gurgun
  44. Comparison of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Food Industry Waste Extracts, Theodora-Ioanna Lafka, Andriana E. Lazou, Vassilia Sinanoglou, Spyros Konteles, and Evangelos S. Lazos*
  45. Study and Optimization of a Manufacturing Process Traditional of the Vinegar from Two Varieties of Common Dates Cultivars in the South Algerian., Megdoud Djemaa *, Benahmed Djilali Adiba., Benamara Salem
  46. Study and Applications of the Surface Tension of Still Wines, Efimia Hatzidimitriou*, Pelagia Glampedaki, Adamantini Paraskevopoulou, Sofia Pegiadou
  47. Effect of ultrasound treatment on solubility, foaming and emulsifying properties of whey protein suspensions, Anet Režek Jambrak, Zoran Herceg*, Suzana Rimac Brnčić, Vesna Lelas and Ivana Ljubić
  48. Modeling the Physiochemical and Sensory Properties of Probiotic Yoghurt Produced from Heat and Cold Treated Starters, Farideh Tabatabai,, *Samira Yeganehzad,, Ali Mortazavi
  49. Recent Progresses on Maximization of Oligosaccharide Production, Hacı Ali GÜLEÇ*, Nedim ALBAYRAK
  50. Drying of eggplants for utilization in several meals, Hulya CAKMAK, PERVİN APALAK, Safiye Nur DIRIM
  51. Water sorption isotherms and glass transitions in blackcurrants and redcurrants, Solvita Kampuse*, Gemma Moraga, Kaspars Kampuss, Sandra Muizniece-Brasava
  52. Evaluation of any probable oxidative effect of microwaved food in blood of rat in a period of one year, Mansoureh Sedehi Esfahani*, Sousan Khadivi
  53. Influence of water activity on xylanase thermal stability: Developing a Time Temperature Integrator for thermal processing evaluation, E. Gogou*, X. Lemontzoglou, P. Katapodis, P. Christakopoulos, P.S. Taoukis
  54. Nanotechnology in Food, Hatice Akdaş, Aynur Gül Karahan, M. Lütfü Çakmakçı
  55. Extrudates made of some cereal and pseudo cereals starches; physicochemical properties versus possible application, S. Kowalski, D. Gumul, G. T. Zieba, M. Lukasiewicz, B. Achramowicz*
  56. The Influence of the Processing Parameters on Whey Ultrafiltration, Daniela Borda*, Silvius Stanciu, Nicoleta Sava, Gabriela Rotaru, Petru Alexe, Gabriela Gavrila
  57. The Future of High Pressure Processing in the Food Industry, Dilek Özcan*, Gözde Bayraktaroğlu, Eda Toprak, Mine Uysal, Ersel Obuz
  58. Using cooling-irradiation process to increase shelf life of strawberry, Mahacine Amrani
  59. Flavour of cultivated mushrooms by the use of Purge and Trap method, S. A. Vekiari, A. Philippousis
  60. Antioxidant Properties of Non-Polar Extracts from Selected Lamiaceae Species Grown in Crete, Vasiliki Lagouri*, Angeliki Mpantouna, Prokopios Stathopoulos
  61. Seasonal variation of essential oils of Pistacia lentiscus L.  (Anacardiaceae) and Myrtus communis L. (Myrtaceae) grown in Zakynthos, Chryssavgi Gardeli, Athanasios Mallouchos,  Marina Papaioannou, Theodosis Kibouris, Michael Komaitis
  62. Assess Quality and Control A Cured Loin Process, Pedro J. Fito*, Angel Arguelles, Maria Luisa Castello, Pedro Fito
  63. Researches on the Evolution of Sensorial and Chemicals Characteristics of the Sea Buckthorn Juice Preserved through Different Methods, Manea Iuliana*, Manea Laur, Buruleanu Lavinia
  64. Mechanical expression of oil from oil seeds with and without enzymatic pretreatment -A review, Ram Krishna Pandey*, D.K. Gupta, Durgesh Nandini, Pankaj Kumar Paswan
  65. The Use of Irreversible Thermodynamics to Analyze the Osmotic Dehydration of Apple Isolated Cells, Lucía Seguí, Pedro José Fito, Pedro Fito
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

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